The Best of International Aarhus

GO GLOCAL is a team effort! Therefore, we want YOU to get involved and tell us about your favorite international initiative in Aarhus!

The Best of International Aarhus Award celebrates grassroots organizations, individuals and special events that are helping Aarhus GO GLOCAL by:

  • Making sure internationals feel welcome in our city
  • Promoting the internationalization of Aarhus
  • Improving quality of life for all internationally-minded ‘Aarhusianere’

The 5 initiatives with the most amount of votes will be sent to a jury, who will choose the final winner.

It is simple to nominate your favorite initiative for the award!

We will make sure to let you know once the nominations for The Best of International Aarhus Award are open again!

Nominating your favorite initiative coulnd't be easier. All it takes, is: 

  • Get your phone
  • Take a video to tell and show us who you nominate (max 90 seconds)
  • Start your video with “I nominate XXX as they Go Glocal by….”
  • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo with a small text about your nomination - just a few words.
  • We encourage you to end your text with a challenge to a friend (@XXX, don’t forget to use their Facebook name) so they can, in their turn, nominate their favorite Go Glocal initiative.
  • Send the link of your video and your text to:

Instant local fame! And a trophy!

All nominees for the GO GLOCAL Conference 2022 were published on GoGlocal’s social media to help promote and raise awareness of everything that is great about international efforts in Aarhus.

The winner receives a fancy little trophy, instant local fame and are recognized on stage at a ceremony at Aarhus City Hall. On June 22nd 2022 Swap Language received The Best of International Aarhus Award!

When you upload your video you automatically accept the Terms & Conditions for entering the competition. 

You can read more about:

  • Terms & Conditions here
  • Tips & Tricks for your video here

GO GLOCAL is a joint initiative of Erhverv Aarhus/International Community and Aarhus Kommune.