Tips and tricks

For making a “Best of International Aarhus” nomination video

  1. Focus on a story you can tell in a minute or so. The first 30 seconds of your video matter the most.
  2. Be prepared to tell a story about the nominated project that is thoughtful, fun and authentic. Make sure to tell what the nominee is doing to “Go Glocal”and why it makes a difference.
  3. Use simple, easy to understand language. No need to make things complicated and no need to edit. Just do a one-take film :-)
  4. In the beginning of your video say “I nominate XXX as they Go Glocal by….”
  5. Make sure the sound is clear. Speak directly to the microphone. Your story will impress more if the viewer can clearly hear you.
  6. Images speak louder than words. Apart from telling your story, make sure to show it too.
  7. Remember the light. When shooting outside make sure you take full advantage of natural light. Keep the light behind your camera and on the subject’s face.
  8. The video must not be longer than 1 ½ minute.
  9. Deadline for submissions is May 30, 2022. But get your nomination in as soon as possible to make sure it gets good play on social media so more people will see it…and vote for it!

Up for the challenge? Then why not get your camera rolling and share your “Best of International Aarhus” nomination for the Go Glocal conference.