GO GLOCAL Conference 

GO GLOCAL is a celebration of international Aarhus.

The GO GLOCAL conference celebrates the vibrancy of international life in the ‘City of Smiles’ and recognize efforts to improve internationalization by granting two awards, The GO GLOCAL Award and the Best of International Aarhus Award.

The conference is also a forum where businesses, politicians, grassroots organizations and individuals can inspire each other to improve efforts to attract and retain international employees and improve quality of life for international families in Aarhus.

Take a minute to GO GLOCAL

We’ve produced a series of one minute stories of expats and repats who are contributing to making Aarhus a more diverse, international city.

You cna check out one of them here from when we did Go Glocal with the Fazekas family. The Fazekas have lived all around the world in big cities and had to use cars to get around. Now they love to bike around the city of Aarhus. They moved to Aarhus in 2019 for work. A huge benefit here was the Aarhus International School, where their kids could start.

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The GO GLOCAL awards

During the conference two awards are presented:


Is given to a company or organization for their efforts in Internationalizing Aarhus. Nominations and a winner are selected by a jury consisting of individuals from the business community and educational institutions in Aarhus.
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The Best of International Aarhus Award 

This is given to a club, initiative, project or event that is making a difference for internationals living in the Aarhus region. For this award anyone can nominate and vote for the actor YOU feel makes the biggest difference.
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In June 2022  the GO GLOCAL Award was granted to Advansor and the Best of International Aarhus Award went to Swap Language. In 2019, at the first GO GLOCAL Conference, FO Aarhus was granted The GO GLOCAL Award, and My Danish Family was granted The People’s Choice Award, which is now renamed The Best of International Aarhus Award.

GO GLOCAL is a joint initiative of Erhverv Aarhus/International Community and Aarhus Kommune.