International Community - Your Network of Opportunities

International Community supports expats and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. We create social and professional networks to the benefit of expats through a wide range of events, seminars and online activities. 

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The newsletter is send out every second Thursday and contains updates from International Community and our network, practical information, social and knowledge events, job opportunities, business insights, suggestions on what to do in your spare time in and around Aarhus, and much more. If you have any inquiries or questions with regard to the content of the newsletter or anything else relating to internationalization, please send an email to

Background of International Community

International Community was established in 2008 by Erhverv Aarhus based on a strong initiative on the part of the business community, Aarhus University and the City of Aarhus. Thus, International Community is an integrated part of Erhverv Aarhus, who works to make sure that the framework for conducting business lives up to the needs of the business community. Become af member of Erhverv Aarhus here.

Today, some of the largest companies in the greater Aarhus area along with the City of Aarhus and Aarhus University take part in our joint effort to further develop the region as an attractive area for international employees and their families.

Ready to attract, welcome and retain international employees?

International Community was etablished in order to support companies, who wish to attract, welcome and retain international employees and their families. 

Benefits for member companies of Erhverv Aarhus/International Community:

  • International Leadership Forum - network aimed at international leaders.
  • Spouse Community Aarhus - network by spouses for spouses.
  • We influence decision makers in order to make it easier for companies to attract and retain international employees and their families.
  • Seminars and webinars on subjects regarding international employees and their families - aimed at HR and management. Keep an eye on the events of Erhverv Aarhus.
  • Social and professional networks, biweekly newsletter, events, seminars, practical assistance and much more for international employees and their families. Keep an eye on the events of International Community.
  • Plus all the services that go along with a membership in Erhverv Aarhus.

Sports clubs and associations

Sports clubs and associations play a large role in Danish society and thus, many internationals are interested in participating in their activities.

If you have an employee who is interested in joining a club or association, please inform them about our matching form. Based on the answers we will forward an e-mail with contact information on clubs and associations that meet the interests of your employee.