Webinar: UK Exit, what next? - Supply Chain!

Den 25. januar afvikler British Chamber of Commerce m.fl. det andet webinar under overskriften ”UK EU Exit – what is next?”. Erhverv Aarhus er "Official supporter" på arrangementsrækken, som skal løbe af stablen 2-3 gange.

Vi ved, der er mange uforløste problemer i forhold til, hvad virksomheder kan gøre for fortsat at handle med UK fra 1. januar; alt fra fortoldning til arbejdsforhold, immaterielle rettigheder, visa og meget mere. Læs mere på engelsk nedenfor og tilmeld dig via linket til højre på denne side.


The United Kingdom is now a Sovereign Nation, no longer part of the European Union from 1 January 2021.

What is status and how is it going now? Is your company still uncertain about how you trade with Danish customers? How is your flow of products and services going to your destinations across the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland? What about your customs clearance? Your contracts? Your employees? Your flow of goods? Your liabilities? …and the list goes on and on.

In the second of this mini-series of webinars we will focus on supply chain matters. The United Kingdom and Denmark have throughout much of our history had close trading links. That is no different today and advanced supply chains of products and services have evolved across many trades and industries, in particular in:

  • Energy and carbon reduction systems like Offshore Wind, District Heating and Insolation
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology products and service
  • Financial services
  • Smart building and city technologies
  • Food
  • Design
  • Technology startups, professional service firms, software companies and many more

With a mix of a fireside chat, status update and virtual break-out rooms, your business matter and this is the place to tune into for UK and Danish businesses alike.


25. januar 2021, 10:55-12:30


25. januar 2021 kl. 10:55

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