International Leadership Forum: Leading through digitalization

Network for internationally minded executives and managers

On September 29th Erhverv Aarhus is once again holding an event aimed at international managers, leaders and executives - Danes as well as internationals - in cooperation with Aarhus BSS.

The topic for this event is "Leading through digitalization - How to make the hybrid work place work", and will be presented by associate professor Franziska Günzel-Jensen.

It’s been more than two years since offices around the world were abandoned, and now many leaders are itching to get everyone physically back. But new evidence demonstrates that hybrid work can be good for employees and the organizations that they work for. Current research on productivity, turnover and innovation shows that returning to ‘what we used to do’ is not the smartest move for a competitive workplace. Let’s meet and discuss newest research insights on the future of work and create a roadmap for how to make the hybrid workplace work!

There will also be time for networking. Snacks and beverages will be served at the event.

International Leadership Forum is for everyone interested in international management and leadership. All events will be held in English. Read more about International Leadership Forum below.

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The International Leadership Forum helps internationally minded, C-level executives and managers lead and succeed in Danish companies.

The Forum links Aarhus’ international business community with Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) for a series of five annual events that provide a better understanding of Danish leadership, business, and social culture and help participants build a strong network.

Events are held in the late afternoon, i.e. at noteworthy cultural venues and inspiring companies in and around Aarhus. Each event includes ample time for informal networking. ILF also regularly holds open events that give interested executives a chance to meet current members and experience the network firsthand.

At events, ILF members have an opportunity to:

  • Learn more about topics like Nordic leadership, managing multicultural teams, personal development, sustainability, and economics – all with a particular focus on what these topics mean in a Danish context
  • Create ties to the research and teaching community at Aarhus University
  • Discuss personal leadership and career challenges in a discreet and private environment
  • Discover resources and tactics for personal growth and career development
  • Share solutions and insights with other members and guest speakers who share a similar level of responsibility and experience
  • Meet and socialize with Danish business, educational, cultural and social leaders
  • Gain a better understanding of topical and future business issues in Denmark
  • Network and expand business and social connections beyond international groups through ILF’s affiliation with other Danish business networks

ILF is open to both expat leaders and Danish citizens with a particular interest in international leadership and business issues.

Questions about ILF?

To learn more about ILF please contact Jesper Theil at


29. september 2022, 16:00

Studiecaféen, Studenterhus Aarhus, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2, 8000 Aarhus, Building 1422, Aarhus Universitet

28. september 2022 kl. 00:00

28. september 2022 kl. 00:00


kr. 300,-

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