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Happiness at Work

Dato: 8. oktober 2020
Tidspunkt: 17:00 - 19:00
Sted: Godsbanen, lokale Remisen, Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus

The research is clear: Happy companies make more money. For any modern workplace, having happy employees is a main driver of growth, productivity, innovation and profits.On top of that happiness at work is the best antidote to stress. 

How do you maintain arbejdsglæde or happiness at work despite the crisis as we are facing today? How can you as a company increase employee happiness? How do you start working with happiness at work?

Today our guest speaker Arlette Bentzen will introduce you to happiness at work and give you valuable insights and proven tools to create happier and more successful workplaces. You can look forward to a high-energy talk that will energize and inspire you.

About our guest speaker:

Arlette Bentzen Arlette Bentzen is an expert on happiness at work and has many years experience as a presenter and trainer. Arlette is since September 2017 certified in Positive Psychology. Arlette has a background in management, HR and customer relations in a number of different industries and was also an independent consultant for 6 years.

Arlette joined Woohoo inc. in 2010 and does keynotes, speeches and workshops for all types of companies both inside and outside Denmark. She also does keynotes at conferences around the world, including a TEDx talk in the UK. Woohoo inc. are leading international experts on happiness at work and have worked with hundreds of clients in 50 countries since 2003. Their vision is to create a world where happiness at work is the rule and not the exception.

Arlette claims that happiness at work is not a luxury – it’s an absolute prerequisite for us to be successful and be happy in life in general. Today she will tell us what we can do ourselves to create a really happy workplace. 

About Talent to Denmark

The seminar is part of the nationwide project Talent to Denmark. You can read more about the project here.


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