Who deserves to win The Best of International Aarhus Award?

The Best of International Aarhus Award celebrates grassroots organizations, individuals, special events and other initiatives that are helping Aarhus Go Glocal by:

  • Making sure internationals feel welcome in our city
  • Promoting the internationalization of Aarhus
  • Improving quality of life for all internationally-minded ‘Aarhusianere’

Ps. The 5 initiatives with the most amount of votes will be sent to a jury, who will choose the final winner.


RAÍCES is a non-profit association based in Aarhus that wants to create cultural bridges within the Danish society to promote integration of Spanish-speakers into Danish life.

Vote for RAÍCES 

🏆 Pro Pace International Choir 🏆

Pro Pace Aarhus International Choir is a choir open for Danes and internationals alike. They sing together once a week and have regular social events making it easy to make friends and connect through music.

Vote for Pro Pace International Choir here

🏆 Madam Cuba’s Salsa Events 🏆

Like everyone knows, dancing is the common language, and Madam Cuba offers the fine beverage and nice rhythms that gets your feet moving.

Vote for Madam Cuba's Salsa Events 

🏆 Repair Café Aarhus 🏆

Repair Café Aarhus is teaching internationals and internationally minded Danes how to repair their bikes, clothes, and electronics. Thereby, they Go Glocal through social integration and inclusion whilst at the same time working on sustainability.

Vote for Repair Café Aarhus 

🏆 C.A.F.E. Club Associatif des Francophones Enthousiastes 🏆

C.A.F.E. is a grassroots organization that Go Glocal by welcoming internationals and internationally minded Danes to meet and practice their French together. It is for beginners to native speakers, and they meet a few times a week at Geneviève Munck International Book Service (GMIBS).

Vote for C.A.F.E. Club Associatif des Francophones Enthousiastes 

🏆 The teachers of CLAVIS 🏆 

The language school CLAVIS Go Glocal by welcoming internationals in Aarhus and teaching them Danish. They are doing an amazing job!

Vote for the teachers of CLAVIS 

🏆 Swap Language Aarhus 🏆

Swap Language is on a mission to help internationals thrive by running language learning activities that affect thousands of internationals in Aarhus.

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🏆 Headstart Careers Welcome Buddy Program  🏆

Headstart Career´s Welcome Buddy program is connecting internationals with danish people to ensure a nice welcome to Aarhus.

Vote for Headstart Career's Welcome Buddy Program 

🏆 The Space 🏆

Our mission is to empower everyone to share knowledge, information, and ideas and learn from one another. We aim to build a community and a support system for every expat living in Denmark and all around the world.

Vote for The Space here

🏆 Studenterhus Aarhus' Volunteers 🏆

Studenterhus Aarhus is nominating all their volunteers who Go Glocal by working tirelessly to make Aarhus the best city for international students.

Vote for Studenterhus Aarhus' volunteers here

🏆 Bora Bora - Dans og visuelt teater🏆

Bora Bora is a place for creativity and performance with lots of room for internationals of all kinds!

Vote for Bora Bora here

🏆 Tir na nÓg - Irish Gastropub 🏆

Tir na nÓg is all about welcoming internationals to Aarhus as well as connecting with the locals, making everyone feel welcome!

Vote for Tir na nÓg here


🏆 Mikkeler Bar Aarhus 🏆

Vote for Mikkeler Bar Aarhus here

🏆 Café Mellemfolk 🏆

Café Mellemfolk is a place for both Danes and Internationals. Everyone is welcome to join their café and their many internationals iniciatives!

Vote for Café Mellemfolk here

🏆 Headstart Career's Ambassador Network 🏆

Headstart Career's Ambassador Network helps integrate internationals in Aarhus by promoting the international life in the city!

Vote for Headstart Career's Ambassador Network here

🏆 Studenterhus Aarhus 🏆

Studenterhus Aarhus is nominated because they Go Glocal by providing amazing activities and volunteering opportunities that help students have a colorful life in the city

Vote for Studenterhus Aarhus here

🏆 Kajakklubben Viking 🏆

Kajakklubben Vikingen is a club for both internationals and Danish people. They help to integrate and welcome new internationals in Aarhus!

Vote for Kajakklubben Viking here

🏆 International Staff Office Aarhus University 🏆

The International Staff at AU does a great job at making international researchers and their accompanying families feel welcome in Aarhus!

Vote for International Staff Office Aarhus University here

🏆 Rosa Faizzad Collections 🏆

Rosa Faizzad Collections is nominated for her tireless effort and international trademark. She is both an international herself and known for promoting Aarhus internationally!

Vote for Rosa Faizzad Collections here

🏆 HackYourFuture 🏆

HackYourFuture supports refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged groups with limited access to further education and the Danish labour market in acquiring the necessary skills to become web developers and entering a very in-demand field.

Vote for HackYourFuture here

🏆 Aarhus Sejlklub 🏆

Aarhus Sejlklub is a club for both international and danes. They ensure great company and adventures at sea for all!

Vote for Aarhus Sejlklub here

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