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Kick off: The International Leadership Forum

30 international leaders participated when the newly established International Leadership Forum had its kick off at Pakhusene on November 13, 2018. 

The vision for the International Leadership Forum is to create a powerful network of international likeminded executives where challenges and experiences can be shared. Ken Cordes, Managing Director at Emerson and chairman of the Steering Group behind International Leadership Forum, presented how the forum is being established to create an informal and constructive network for the many international leaders - including repats - that are currently working in and around Aarhus.

Rune Kilden, Urban Developer, let everyone peek behind the scenes at the northern harbor area in Aarhus, where he is heavily involved with the development. He commented on the process of developing buildings and entire areas and how he wishes to create shared spaces and positive emotions.

Networking was the term of the evening, as Christian Waldstrøm, PhD, associate professor at Aarhus University, made the keynote speak about the importance and nature of networking. “Your success is dependent on you network, but your success can also be a defining factor in the creation of your network,” said Christian Waldstrøm, so you can conclude that a good network and success are intertwined.

See photos from the event below.

The International Leadership Forum will meet up next time on January 17, 2019, where we will go behind the scenes at Aarhus Teater.

About The International Leadership Forum – the network for international leaders in and around Aarhus

The International Leadership Forum has been created to support the needs of International executives in the Aarhus region and the unique challenges that come along with their roles. The International Leadership Forum provides a network for those senior international leaders and executives to share experience, inspiration and learn from each other in the challenges and opportunities leading in Denmark. The forum welcomes both senior leadership coming to Denmark for the first time as well as returning Danish executives after a period abroad.
A dedicated group of people make out the steering group. The members of the steering group will provide guidance and direct the course of the network through quarterly meetings.
  • Ken Cordes (USA), Managing Director at Emerson Climate Technologies (chairman)
  • Arnold Boon (The Netherlands), University Director at Aarhus University
  • Brian Woodward (USA), partner Støvring & Woodward Communications

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