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Velkommen til Advansor A/S, Kristian Breitenbauch

Sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems
Every breath exhaled by an average person contains 3-4% CO2. Ours probably contains more because we live and breathe to use CO2 in the world’s best, sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems.

As a market-leading OEM manufacturer, Advansor has been building more than 4,000 CO2 systems for supermarkets and industrial customers around the world since 2006.

We manufacture our own systems in Denmark and Poland, where our unique hallmark is close collaboration between design and production. We have an international set-up for servicing customers in over 30 countries. We are roughly 200 employees of 10 different nationalities.

CO2 is often associated with global warming. However, we don’t lose our cool. Literally. Because CO2 is the most climate-friendly refrigerant:
It’s non-toxic
It doesn’t affect the ozone layer
It does not contribute to global warming
It’s very energy-efficient

That’s why we are ’cool with CO2’

#weareadvansor #coolwithco2

Facts about Advansor:

  • Established in 2006
  • Part of the Dover Group
  • Head office in Denmark
  • Production at our own factories in Denmark and Poland
  • Customers in over 30 countries
  • Roughly 200 employees of 10 different nationalities
  • Over 4,000 systems manufactured
  • 18 of Europe’s top 20 retailers install transcritical CO2 systems from Advansor

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