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Velkommen til Huss Group, Benjamin Huss

Behind Huss Group are the Huss brothers, Benjamin and Stefan. In 2004, a trip to Australia became the starting point for what would turn out to be a successful entrepreneur story. During their stay in Australia, the brothers experienced the live-gaming thrill of lasergame, and they were so excited that they decided to bring the idea back home to Germany.

Over the years, the two brothers developed Lasergame Group to the success it is today:

A company with more than 96 departments and a position as market leader in toy weapons and live-gaming.

While establishing lasergame in Scandinavia, the brothers took interest in the healthy entrepreneurial environments in Denmark. That’s why, since 2012, they have been acquiring a number of small and promising Danish companies. Besides the desire to create and support growth, the purpose is to gather companies with different competences under one umbrella. That way, Huss Group ensures having access to many skills and competences, in order to be more independent and able to easily collaborate across companies and countries.

Huss Group logo

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