Erhverv Aarhus - vi skaber værdi for virksomheder på tværs af erhverv, uddannelse, kultur og sport

GO GLOCAL is a project between Erhverv Aarhus/international Community and the Municipality of Aarhus. It was decided to commence the GO GLOCAL project in the City Council in September 2018 and by that Erhverv Aarhus was named project leader. The project emanates from the former Integration Prize, but is now relaunched as GO GLOCAL. 

GO GLOCAL is the ultimate fusion between the local and the global, which also gave birth to the name. We are very excited to present GO GLOCAL for the city of Arhus – every business, organization or individual is coming together when Aarhus goes GLOCAL!

In 2019 the GO GLOCAL conference took place 30 January, where we granted two awards; The GO GLOCAL Award and The People's Choice Award.

The GO GLOCAL Award were granted to FO Aarhus, while My Danish Family were granted with The People's Choice Award.

We look forward to GO GLOCAL again in late 2020 or early 2021.

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