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GO GLOCAL - The Conference

GO GLOCAL is a brand new concept, which includes a big conference where two international actors will be recognized for their great efforts and their ability to inspire others. The winners will be awarded a prize, which will be the ultimate proof of their devotion to the internationalization of Aarhus.

The conference will take place for the very first time at the beautiful City Hall on January 30, 2019. After that the conference will be held every second year where new international actors have the opportunity to present their involvement in GO GLOCAL. Furthermore, more experienced actors can present their newest progress and initiatives towards making Aarhus an attractive career destination for international employees.

This conference will create the basis for a more profound understanding of how all involved actors can recognize and visualize the international business community in Aarhus. Furthermore, the conference increases the attention towards the positive affects of international qualifications in an array of different industries, while enabling all companies to learn from each other and inspire less experienced companies to commit to the internationalization process of Aarhus.

Join the GO GLOCAL conference January 30, 2019 from 8.00-13.00.


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