Erhverv Aarhus - vi skaber værdi for virksomheder på tværs af erhverv, uddannelse, kultur og sport


We believe it is crucial to acknowledge all the actors that make a difference in integrating international employees and in supporting the overall goal to make Aarhus an attractive career destination.

In that regard, we want to recognize two international actors, who have made a significant effort in incorporating going glocal to their strategy.

On these grounds, GO GLOCAL will award two prizes at the conference: the GO GLOCAL Award and the GO GLOCAL - The People’s Choice Award.  

 The GO GLOCAL Award recognizes a company or organization that:

  • Provides many initiatives towards the internationalization of Aarhus
  • Focuses on recruiting and retaining international employees and repats
  • Contributes to the image of Aarhus as an attractive career destination 
  • Promotes integration and diversity
  • Leads and inspires less experienced companies and organizations

You can see the list of nominees for the Go Glocal Award here.

Read more about The People's Choice Award here.


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