The International Leadership Forum helps international executives and senior leaders succeed in Danish companies while building a strong network and a better understanding of Danish leadership, business and social culture.

Business Network Aarhus (Erhverv Aarhus) founded The International Leadership Forum (ILF) in 2018 with the support of the City of Aarhus to nourish the potential, experience and opportunities that international leaders bring to the Aarhus area. The Forum aims to make Danish business, political and cultural life more accessible and understandable for internationally minded leaders.

Membership is by invitation only. ILF holds open events on a regular basis that give interested executives and developing leaders chance to meet current members and experience an ILF event firsthand.

Network activities
Currently, ILF meets quarterly and events are held exclusively in English and often at noteworthy cultural venues and inspiring companies in and around Aarhus.

ILF is led by a steering group that, with input from ILF members, plans the group’s annual activities and extends membership invitations.

Members of the current steering group are:

  • Ken Cordes (USA), Managing Director at Emerson Climate Technologies (chairman)
  • Tanya Hené, (The Netherlands), Vice president Operations at Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Arnold Boon (The Netherlands), Universitetsdirektør at Aarhus University
  • Brian Woodward (USA), Founder, BOA Consult

At events, ILF members have an opportunity to:

  • Discuss personal leadership and career challenges in a discreet and private environment
  • Discover resources and tactics for personal growth and career development
  • Share solutions and insights with other members and guest speakers who share a similar level of responsibility and experience
  • Network and expand business and social connections beyond international groups
  • Meet and socialize with Danish business, educational, cultural and social leaders
  • Gain a better understanding of topical and future business issues in Denmark
  • Gain “backstage” access to cultural institutions and businesses

The ILF also regularly holds joint events with other Danish leadership networks to broaden exposure and learning and introduce Danish executives to the potential and talent of the Forum’s membership.

Questions about ILF?
To learn more about ILF, contact the head of ILF secretariat, Jesper Theil at

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