GO GLOCAL is a project between Erhverv Aarhus/international Community and the Municipality of Aarhus.

GO GLOCAL unveils Aarhus as an attractive career destination by contributing to the internationalization of the city. The cornerstone of GO GLOCAL is the visualization of the many international actors in Aarhus together with the granting of two awards at a conference, which will be held every second year. 

International qualifications and diversity as a resource

in 2019 GO GLOCAL we highlighted the value of international qualifications and diversity by a series of communication activities before, during and after the GO GLOCAL conference.
The aim is to encourage companies to increase the recruitment of international employees, as well as international citizens and repats currently residing in Aarhus. The expansion towards a more international and culturally open-minded labor market is expected to create a positive spill-over effect, which would entail that companies will be more open to recruiting ethnic minority citizens.

GO GLOCAL promotes the actors making a difference

Aarhus and Eastern Jutland is home to many international-minded companies and organizations that all contribute to the internationalization of this particular area. The acknowledgement and promotion of these companies’ results in attracting and retaining international employees and their efforts in integrating the international employees in the local society, serves as an inspiration for other actors to be more engaged in the internationalization of Aarhus.

In January 2019 the first GO GLOCAL conference took place, and two awards were granted; The GO GLOCAL Award and The People's Choice Award. The GO GLOCAL Award was granted to FO Aarhus, while My Danish Family  The People's Choice Award.

We look forward to GO GLOCAL again in late 2020 or early 2021.

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