Erhverv Aarhus - vi skaber værdi for virksomheder på tværs af erhverv, uddannelse, kultur og sport


Our publications will provide you with insights into the larger business community in Aarhus and the surrounding area, as well as into Business Network Aarhus itself.

Below you can find links directly to the publications. Alternatively, you can visit us at to get an overview of all our publications.

Please write us at if you want us to send you a print copy of any of the materials.

Note: Business Network Aarhus publications are in Danish.

Erhverv Aarhus publications

Erhverv Aarhus - Annual Magazine 2016

In relation to Erhverv Aarhus' four areas of interest the magazine among other subjects touch upon the airport debate, attraction and retention of international employees and their families and The Resource Bank.

Erhverv Aarhus - Annual Magazine 2015

The magazine offers, i.a., four interviews with eight local passionate individuals, who discuss the potentials within Business Network Aarhus’ four areas of interest.


Erhverv Aarhus - Annual Magazine 2014

The theme of the report is innovation and the future. Read an interesting article featuring futurologist Morten Grønborg about Aarhus going forward to 2030. Additionally, there are articles with our members about Business Network Aarhus’ four focal areas: The Business Community and the Developmentof the City, Internationalization, Education and Innovation, and Culture and Sports.

Erhverv Aarhus - Annual Magazine 2013

Our members take the floor in the annual report of 2013. Read what they have to say about Business Network Aarhus, the cooperation between business and culture, Aarhus as a business city, and much more. 

Erhverv Aarhus 150 år - Annual Magazine 2012

In relation to Business Network Aarhus turning a hundred and fifty, we published a magazine that provides insights into the long history of the organization and the current areas of interest. Read more about our political collaborations, the cultural life as an engine of growth for the city, the work of the board, Business Network Aarhus’ representations and relations, our involvement with the city development and infrastructure, the impact of the international development in Aarhus, and much more. 

International Community publications

Business Network Aarhus’ international effort, International Community, also has a range of publications. They address international businesses as well as international employees and their families.

See all of International Community’s publications on or through the links below.

Please write us at  if you are interested in a print copy. 

Coming to Denmark: Our Stories - International Community

The book contains 14 honest stories from international employees and spouses about their lives in Denmark. The stories focus on work, family, and leisure, and give a general impression of life as an international in Denmark. The publication addresses international employees and can be used by businesses in relation to recruitment of international talent or after the international employee and their family have arrived. 

Expat Partners: Our Stories

Expat Partners - Our StoriesThis book contains different stories of all kinds told by expats, who have come to Denmark because their partners got a job in the country. The stories can contribute with both inspiration and good advice concerning arriving in Denmark as a partner. The publication is targeted towards international accompanying partners and can be utilised by businesses in relation to recruitment of international talent with a steady partner or after the employee and partner have arrived.

Insight & Influence 3 - How to excel in global mobility

The magazine focuses on best practice solutions targeted at businesses regarding the four phases of recruiting international talent: attracting, welcoming, retaining, and parting. The magazine is consequently a kind of how to guide for international businesses. 

12 Expat Moments in Denmark

This folder contains twelve nice moments in Denmark as told by expats and gives a condensed idea of the experiences that the future expats can encounter in the country. The stories tell of everything from language misunderstandings to friendly bartenders and can be utilised in relation to recruitment of international talent or as e.g. part of a welcome package at arrival.

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