Erhverv Aarhus - vi skaber værdi for virksomheder på tværs af erhverv, uddannelse, kultur og sport


Erhverv Aarhus (Business Network Aarhus) is passionate about the business community and the growth of the city. We are our members’ business association, seeking political influence and working to secure that the business community in Aarhus have the optimum conditions for carrying on business, across both the business, education, culture, and sports sectors.

Membership benefits

A membership of Business Network Aarhus means that…
  • Your business becomes a part of a strong network
    Business Network Aarhus has more than 600 membership companies across all trades.
  • You receive invitations to professional and social events
    Become inspired and meet new contacts and potential collaborators.
  • You become a part of the voice of the business community
    You gain influence and become an active part of bettering the conditions for carrying on business in the Aarhus area.
  • You receive the weekly newsletter
    The newsletter keeps you updated on the activities of Business Network Aarhus and informs you about current news and efforts in Aarhus and within the member companies network.
  • Vote on the annual general meeting
    Business Network Aarhus is an association in which the board of directors and the secretariat listen to the members and encourage involvement and engagement.
  • Your business obtains increased visibility
    You obtain visibility through Business Network Aarhus’ own media and through attending our events.
  • Discounts for new businesses
    50% discount for businesses established within the last 3 years.

Membership fee rates

The annual membership fee for Business Network Aarhus/International Community is set according to the number of employees in the business.
All company employees are welcome to both attend Business Network Aarhus and International Community events and receive our weekly newsletter.
Number of employees Annual fee excl. VAT
1-9 DKK 4.000
10-19 DKK 5.500
20-49 DKK 9.500
50-99 DKK 15.000
100+ DKK 22.000
Additional business contact DKK 2.200
Please notice that businesses that have been founded within the last 3 years receive a 50% discount. 

Moreover, see the current list of members and read how you as a member can become the Business of the Month in Business Network Aarhus.

Do you want to know more?

If you are curious to hear more about how your business can benefit from a membership in Business Network Aarhus, we would be pleased to contact you – just like we would be pleased to invite you for a casual chat over a cup of tea or coffee and a visit to DOKK1.

Fill out the form below and you will hear from us as soon as possible.

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