Erhverv Aarhus - vi skaber værdi for virksomheder på tværs af erhverv, uddannelse, kultur og sport

Business to Culture

Erhverv Aarhus (Business Network Aarhus) is a liaison between the business and culture communities in the Aarhus area.

Within the concept of Business to Culture, Business Network Aarhus works to create strong collaborations and relations between business and culture – and has done so for 20 years. Today, Culture and Sports is one of the four interest areas of Business Network Aarhus.
Closer collaboration between business and culture has great potential and Business Network Aarhus wishes to create innovative and scalable collaboration models with a focus on reciprocal development.
The Business to Culture initiatives of Business Network Aarhus contain e.g.:
  • Business Network Aarhus appoints representatives from the business community to the cultural institutions in the city
  • ‘Brunch Boards’: Business Network Aarhus gathers the relevant business people to give you input on the development of your organisation
  • Involvement in European Capital of Culture 2017
2017 engagement: Business groups and Resource Bank
The Business to Culture efforts of Business Network Aarhus include involvement with European Capital of Culture 2017.

The involvement goes back to the application process to become capitol of culture, where Business Network Aarhus established a range of business groups in collaboration with multiple representatives from the business community.

These group collaborations helped secure Aarhus the title of European Capital of Culture 2017. Today, the groups are continued in collaboration with Aarhus 2017.

Business Network Aarhus has also established a so-called ‘Resource Bank’. The bank is a platform, where businesses and cultural projects can deposit resources of any kind for reciprocal exchange and development.

You can only ‘withdraw’ from the bank if you have deposited resources.

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